Franklin County Recognizes Corrections Professionals


CHAMBERSBURG – The Franklin County Commissioners recently honored court workers through Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week to draw attention to the important role these men and women play in keeping Franklin County communities safe through their support of those reentering society following incarceration.

Pretrial, probation and parole officers are an essential component of the Pennsylvania justice system. Their proven practices and effective supervision protect the public from criminal activity. By working hand in hand with local law enforcement, treatment providers, social service organizations and other agencies, these corrections professionals also provide appropriate advocacy and resources to help reentrants successfully reintegrate into society and to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

“The men and women serving as pretrial, probation and parole officers are at the forefront of our efforts to reduce recidivism and prevent future crime. We are grateful to have such dedicated, caring individuals who are committed to meeting the challenges and demands of their profession,” said Franklin County Commissioner Dave Keller.

“This week the Board of Judges and court administration recognize the dedication and professionalism of the probation and parole departments of the 39th Judicial District in conjunction with National Pretrial, Probation, Parole Supervision Week celebrations,” said Shawn Meyers, president judge of the 39th Judicial District. “Franklin and Fulton counties are fortunate to have chiefs, supervisors, officers and staff who take their work to heart, protecting our community and effecting positive change for those they supervise.

“Supervision of individuals under criminal court orders has experienced a sea change over the last 20 years,” Meyers added. “Our departments have either led or embraced the changes, focusing on accountability, safety of the community, while bringing an evidence-based, individualized focus on reducing recidivism and helping those on supervision reunite with family and become productive members of the community. For this we can all be proud. If you see an officer or staff member in your community, please thank them for their service.”

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