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Welcome to Local.News. We bring you real, verified news from Waynesboro, Washington Township and the surrounding area. We cover the Waynesboro Area School District, local government, business, non-profits and events.

But we are not just another media company.

Local.News was founded by a group of Waynesboro-area residents–maybe your friends and neighbors–who saw a need for trusted, vetted news in their community. They invested their time and money into creating a platform for distributing vetted information and happenings to the community. They recruited a very small, experienced staff focused on providing not only the news you need to know, but also the GOOD NEWS from around the region.

What you’re reading now is just a sample of what’s to come when we officially debut Nov. 1. In one week, we will begin posting regular news articles and features—and you may recognize the names of some of our writers. Nancy Mace will be covering local events, business and more. Lee Goodwin will cover sports. We will introduce you to some new voices as well. Local.News is all about COMMUNITY, so you will also see columns written by people you may know.

Our desire is to make this not just another news site. We want to bring the Waynesboro community together in one place to focus on the good things happening here. We hope to gather a team of news ambassadors who will contribute tips, photos and more. We are looking for regular columnists who can write on topics such as religion, parenting, history, books/entertainment … to name a few. (Have a column idea? Send it to us!)

We invite you to take a look. Read what you’ve been missing. And consider joining us in this new online community. And if you have any suggestions, questions or comments, connect with us at [email protected]

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